Use A Google+ Business Page to Grow Your Visibility Online – Business 2 Community

Use A Google+ Business Page to Grow Your Visibility Online – Business 2 Community.


A Google+ business page is one of the ways that you can grow your visibility and connect with others.  Small business owners have opportunities for connecting and marketing with others through their Google+ business page. A Google+ business page can be a powerful marketing tool that allows you to connect with your target customers, communicate your business message and build relationships with peers, industry leaders and target customers.

To help you get setup with you Google+ business page, I’ve created a starter list of things you should keep in mind:

  • Remember that your Google+ Page needs to integrate with your Google account. If you have a separate Google account for your business then use that one and not your personal one to connect to your Google+ business page.
  • During the sign up process you will need to have two of these three things: valid telephone number, your location and a profile photo or logo.
  • Select the correct category for your business from one of the following: Local Business or Place, Product or Brand, Company, Institution or Organization, Arts, Entertainment or Sports, and Other. Then hit the “Create” button.
  • Create a tagline of 10 words to describe your business and add a profile photo or graphic.

This is all it takes to set up a “basic” Google+ Page. However, as a business you want to maximize your profile and exposure on Google+ so remember:

  • Increase your exposure by adding a +1 button on your site. This allows people to vote on you.

The search box on the Google+ platform is an easy way for people to find you “if” they know your name or keyword. This is called “Direct Connect”. You will know if a page is a “direct connect” page as the page tagline and graphic will show in the drop down menu. However, with so many business pages, not all pages will show up in the drop down menu. Just like moving up in the search engines, you want to move up in the Google+ search as well. You can do this by:

  • Sharing your page – Once your page is set up you will be given the option to share it. Make sure your profile is ready to go and share it.
  • Be sure to set up a +1 button on all your sites then let everyone know about your +1 button. The +1 buttons are easy to install with the javascript code provided. You can then customize it and place it on our site. The +1 is a great way to gain exposure as it shows others what’s interesting. So if someone +1s a post you made then it signals that the post was interesting to them and others should take notice as well.
  • Enable Google+ Circles. Circles are becoming a very important part of Google+ so be sure to have these activated. You can do this by going to your account settings and selecting Google+ and then customizing your Google+ Pages settings. It is quick and easy.
  • Create a badge for your page. You can do this at the time you create your page or just enter your URL into the box provided to create a badge. This is not a +1 button, but a unique badge you can post on your sites to increase exposure.

Google has already stated that high “direct connect” status is based upon page relevance and popularity. It is based on the number of links between your site and your Google+ page. So in order to move up the ranks be sure to:

  • Interact regularly via Google+. This means have relevant links, posts and keywords. Make sure the content is valuable in nature and is original.

Last but not least, PROMOTE YOUR GOOGLE+ PAGE! Add fresh content often and link it to your AdWords campaigns if you are using one. Just promote, promote, promote. The more people who know about your Google+ page the better. If you use these simple steps you will have a great Google+ experience and you’ll be able to maximize your experience. This is a powerful marketing tool just waiting for you to take advantage of it.

After you set up your basic Google+ business page you will want to continue to learn about promoting your business on Google+. A great way to do this is by joining Training Hangout. Training Hangout gives you access to special guests who are experts in their field. You can also learn to easily conduct Google+ Hangouts which are an excellent way to increase your visibility.

By Kim Beasley


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