Trending Tags Surface On New Tumblr Apps

Trending Tags Surface On New Tumblr Apps.


If you are one of the many Tumblr users that love getting lost among the popular tags, you’ll want to download the new official mobile applications. The new apps bring trending tags into the search tab for easy browsing across a specific tag.


A nice feature with the trending tags is the incorporation of movement. The images within the tags fly in and out to show a variety of small thumbnails for each topic. The treatment is slow enough to not be annoying and visual enough to actually be helpful. This boosts the overall search page for mobile users and helps to compete with other social apps that incorporate trending topics, like Twitter and Google+. As marketers, this is also just one more reason to properly tag posts as additional traffic may arise from the effort.

Look for more features to surface as there will be pressure on the new owner, Yahoo!, to continue building on Tumblr’s momentum.

For more information, see the official Tumblr post.