Job Hunting: 10 Social Media Tips – Infographic

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For the job hunters.

Recruiters more and more often screen social media profiles! With 25% of sales, marketing and media professionals looking for work, our social media top tips can boost your job search and help you stand out in a competitive market for the right reasons! So be social media savvy and follow our 10 tips.

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The Hottest Cumbria Specific Social Media Network

Connecting People Businesses and Organisations to build a Great Community of like minded people with one common interest –


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Social Media marketing to the Chinese consumer

SAM Media Dubai

With the upsurge in Chinese tourists to the UAE, a 31% increase from 2011 to 2012, up close to 200,00 visitors, this number is set to increase for 2013, and the one reason they are flocking to the Emirates is that the UAE has been given “Approved Destination Status”, meaning that it is easier for Chinese visitors get visa’s to visit the Emirates. With the Luxury Brands available in the UAE, some of the favourites being Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Omega, Yves Saint Laurent, and Hermes.

But this is only the tip of the iceberg, by 2015 there will be around 100 million outbound  Chinese tourists according to the WTO.

“The profile of the rich travelers has been revealed in the latest research from luxury publishing group Hurun Report

The report says there are 600 billionaires in China and 2.8 million millionaires, measured in US dollars.”

With the major Social networks…

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So What Would Google Do?

Network is a Verb

WhatWouldGoogleDoI am more and more convinced that for the church in all its expressions (congregational… synodical…denominational…) is going to grow into the next era, we are going to need to learn to think very differently.  The days of working to protect the institution, and to contain decision making, leadership and power, are pretty much gone.

So it was with high hopes that I recently read the book by Jeff Jarvis called What Would Google Do?  Google, to me, represents one of a few companies that are stretching the boundaries of life’s operating systems.  My world is different because of Google…I’d venture a guess that yours is too.  Their approach and their impact have shifted the way we gather and disseminate information, the way we communicate and the way that money will be earned or shared in the future.

The church (generally) lives and works in an old operating system.  Much of the…

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How journalism informs today’s brand building

Marketing Art & Science

My father was a city journalist back in the days when Fleet Street in London was the center of the UK newspaper industry. He once said to me that great writing was based on a combination of clarity and authenticity. It is a simple notion; your audience needs to quickly and clearly understand the purpose whilst at the same time believing what you are conveying.

This is something that has stayed with me throughout my entire career and I think it has as much relevance now for brand marketing as it does for newspaper journalism.

Every brand comprises a brand promise which is the all enveloping commitment that an organization makes to its audience and it identifies what that audience should expect through the sum of all interactions they have with the people, products, services and company they are engaging.

With the fragmentation of media and proliferation of different communication…

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The Role of Facebook in the History of Communications

The Small Medium

social media, cellphone, media historyWill Facebook be around in five years, and will it still be the premiere social medium?  These may not be the right questions to ask when looking at the evolution of media throughout history.

While the number of Facebook users soars over 1.2 billion, there remain many critics of the social network.  Facebook continues to confront concerns of a dropping stock market value, and both shareholders and the public are asking: What is the true value of the company?  Particularly in the United States, many users have chosen to stop use of the platform and delete personal and business accounts, thus giving critics more fuel to downplay the future of the company.

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