Adobe Puts Social First in Redesigned Marketing Cloud

Adobe Puts Social First in Redesigned Marketing Cloud.


Check Your Tags & Social Markup With KnowEm’s (Free) New ‘Social Media Optimizer’ Tool

Check Your Tags & Social Markup With KnowEm’s (Free) New ‘Social Media Optimizer’ Tool.

Keeping up with all of the required social tags across the various social media platforms can be grueling. Luckily KnowEm, the popular username reservation service, has created a new tool dubbed “Social Media Optimizer” that helps you keep your tags in line and your markup fresh.


The tool is free and features four social networks to test against (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.) Additional markup is found on various tabs that include all markup (shown above) as well as Standard SEO, Geo/Local & Semantic tabs. It should be noted that this tool tests a specific page, not an entire site. So some errors (author on a homepage) may be different than that of a blog/article page. To get started, simply enter the URI into the box and hit Check It.

The aspect that I found to be most appealing about the tool was the individual social site optimization rankings. Users can quickly see what they have loaded properly, as well as the markup that is missing. Links exist at the bottom of each tab that lead users to the proper destination to find the markup if it is missing.


Each of the social tabs offer scores that check 3-6 main tags and provide a score out of 100. Lower on the page is a list of the tags that are both included and missing on the page. Another handy feature is that for each of the URI analyzed a sample share of the page is created for each specific network.


Take the SEO tab grade with a grain of salt according your company’s best practices as it includes META Keywords in the grade (something that only Bing currently supports.) Absent with the SEO (and Google+) score is microdata on page.

Overall, this is a great little free social tool that helps for the quick analysis of a page and the social tags included on each. See the tool in action or the official blog post from KnowEm for more information.


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How Technology Affects Our Sleep [Infographic]

How Technology Affects Our Sleep [Infographic].

The phrase “lights out” is becoming obsolete. In a recent survey by The National Sleep Foundation, respondents admitted to sending an average of 21 texts just one hour before going to sleep, and young adults send more than twice that many. How are these tiny, glowing screens affecting our sleep patterns? This infographic explains.